Over the past ten years, the Terra Group has focused on two major issues: understanding and minimizing unwanted social impacts from unconventional resources plays; and providing objective information about the need for new electric transmission capacity to meet renewable energy standards. Public concern about these issues extends far beyond individual jurisdictions, and now includes broader-based questions of equity, governance and long-term community welfare. Our goal is to help local governments, hydrocarbon companies and community members make informed choices about development and address the problems that inevitably arise. (Social impacts of domestic oil and gas operations)

TG senior partners have assisted major clients in preparing detailed social, economic and political analyses of the regions where they plan to operate. In addition, we have assisted these clients in identifying potential opportunities for high-impact social investments with respected foundations or other local partners. In cooperation with leading academic institutions, we have written widely read reports on potential regulation, local employment, housing, household income and other key issues. We have also submitted formal comments on regulatory proposals and presented our findings at major industry and academic conferences. (Electric Power)